water districts

Our staff is well experienced in working with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) reviewing water district applications and responding to information requests regarding water district rules and regulations. Our staff is also experienced in working with the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) managing state and federally funded water, wastewater, and flood control projects. We are uniquely qualified to support our clients’ needs for district creations, financing, administration, water rights, and CCN applications.


Jones-Heroy & Associates provides engineering design, planning, and management consulting to water districts, river authorities, private, and municipal clients. These specialties complement our experience with TCEQ and TWDB, enabling our staff to provide the infrastructure analysis and planning services (i.e., master planning, water and drainage system remodeling, and water supply planning) necessary to ensure a maximum return on project investments while achieving our client’s vision.


Our mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities at Jones-Heroy & Associates are an integral component of the planning, management, and modeling services we offer. We are experienced in a full range of mapping and Geographic Positioning System technology including GPS data collection (recreation, mapping, and survey grade), aerial photography/satellite imagery analysis (vegetation and land cover mapping), as well as map database development and analysis.